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October 30, 2004 Soldier's Delight Halloween Hike
Photo Trip Report

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It was a dark and stormy night... Well, actually it was a very nice, fall day for our first "Halloween Hike".  And why did we choose the relatively unscary Soldier's Delight NEA for our hike?  Because, behind the scenic beauty, rare plant and wildlife, and stark serpentine barrens lurks a dark past.  On November 20th, 1751, the area that later became Soldier's Delight was the site of a grisly axe murder.  The murder was allegedly masterminded by John Berry who convince two servants to kill his step parents.  For his crimes, Berry was hung in chains not far from where the current visitor center stands.  And, of course, his ghost is said to still roam "Berry's Hill".  Don't believe it?  Well, check out the Maryland Gazette from November 27, 1751 for the gory details...